Used AKT / MKS AX 7651-2 #9165065 for sale

AKT / MKS AX 7651-2
AX 7651-2
ID: 9165065
RPS Generators For APPLIED MATERIALS Producer, CVD System.
AKT / MKS AX 7651-2 power supply is a highly reliable variable power supply for industrial applications. It features a maximum output voltage of 500 V, an output current of 6A, and an adjustable output voltage and current range of 1-500 V and 0-6 A respectively. The device's high efficiency ensures an economical operation. Additionally, the thermal overload protection and the over-voltage protection provide a high degree of safety for the equipment connected to the power supply. The output voltage and current can be adjusted using the front panel allowing for a tailor-made output voltage and current for specific applications. Additionally, the adjustable output voltage and current also allows for the optimization of the efficiency of the power supply. The protective features of AKT AX 7651-2 help to ensure the safety of the connected equipment. The output current has a continuous short-circuit protection, providing a high level of safety for even the most sensitive equipment connected to the power supply. Other protective features included with the power supply are over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-current shut down. MKS AX 7651-2 is approved and tested according to IEC 60950-1 safety standards, meaning that it is safe to use in many industrial environments. AX 7651-2 is also simple to install, featuring a pre-mounted terminal block. This ensures that the device is quickly and easily installed in varying industrial setups. It also features convenient mounting holes for fixing the device directly on a DIN rail. Additionally, knockouts on the side of the device make cable routing easier. The power supply also features good heat tolerance and has a fanless design that helps to minimize the risk of noise interference. It also boasts a built-in recessed filter that reduces the level of noise and interference generated by the power supply. AKT / MKS AX 7651-2 power supply is designed for use in many industrial environments. Its adjustable output voltage and current, short-circuit protection, high efficiency, and safety features make it a reliable and versatile choice for a wide range of industrial applications.
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