Used AKT / MKS AX 7657-2 #9165066 for sale

AKT / MKS AX 7657-2
AX 7657-2
ID: 9165066
RPS Generator For APPLIED MATERIALS Producer, CVD System.
AKT / MKS AX 7657-2 is an AC-DC power supply designed for continuous operation and providing a reliable power source for industrial, consumer, and medical applications. This high-performance power supply has an output power of 270 watts, with an output voltage ranging from 0-30V and 0-15A. It features a zero-load power draw of just 3.5 watts and an efficiency rating of more than 80%. This power supply is also safety-certified, providing protection against overloads, short circuiting, and other hazardous events. AKT AX 7657-2 is designed to be both user-friendly and reliable. An LED display shows the voltage and current levels, and the power supply can be fine-tuned with the built-in adjuster knob. For added convenience, the power supply also has a built-in socket that allows it to be easily connected to a wall outlet. Designed for demanding applications, this power supply is constructed with high quality and precision components. It is designed to withstand voltage fluctuations and has a wide input voltage range that encompasses 850VAC, which allows it to be used in any electrical situation. The power supply also has adjustable current limit settings and adjustable remote enable/disable signals, allowing users to optimize the unit to best fit their needs. This power supply is designed with comfort and safety in mind. It has built-in EMI/RFI filtering, minimizing interference with other electronic devices. It also has an alarm buzzer that will sound when the power is overloaded or the temperature reaches an excessive level, alerting users of any potential hazards. MKS AX 7657-2 has an all-metal enclosure that features an attractive, professional design. It comes with built-in overload, over temperature, and over current protection, helping to increase safety and reliability. It is also fully tested to ensure waveform conformity with exacting electromagnetic compatibility standards, making it a reliable power source. In addition, this power supply is covered by a three-year manufacturer's warranty, providing peace of mind.
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