Used ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER GN600 #9185234 for sale

ID: 9185234
RF Generator 13,56 MHz.
ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER GN600 is an advanced power supply equipment designed for critical industrial applications. It provides power stability, maximum system flexibility and the highest levels of reliability and safety. ADIXEN GN600 is a high-powered DC power supply unit offering outstanding performance in terms of stability and accuracy. The machine consists of a regulated DC power supply and an AC power input. It offers adjustable voltage and current ranges from 0-20V and 0-10A, and features independent dual-output ports for maximum efficiency. The tool features full-range EMC protection, active filtering, line regulation, dynamic load sharing, and overload protection. ALCATEL GN600 is equipped with high-precision multi-function digital meters for measuring output voltage and current. The asset allows easy monitoring and adjustment of output power through a comprehensive front panel display and remote control. PFEIFFER GN600 is designed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of power and safety. It offers over power, over current and short circuit protection, as well as a built-in insulation monitor to ensure total model protection. Its advanced self-test capabilities ensure maximum uptime and maximum safety. GN600 is versatile and can be integrated with ADIXEN and third-party systems. It offers intuitive programming via various communication protocols and is fully compatible with ALCATEL previously developed software. In conclusion, ALCATEL / ADIXEN / PFEIFFER GN600 is a high-performance power supply equipment offering outstanding performance, reliability and safety. Its advanced features and built-in protection make it the perfect choice for critical industrial applications.
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