Used AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS 0190-07968 #9172228 for sale

ID: 9172228
ENI 20 kW for ALPS master.
AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS 0190-07968 is a Power Supplies unit designed specifically for the ultra-high vacuum applications requirements. This unit provides reliable and precise control of the wattage output and voltage levels. The unit is fan cooled and equipped with an over-current protection feature to safeguard the user from power spikes. It is composed of two parts: an input section and an output section. The input section is comprised of a universal voltage input which operates at either 85 to 264VAC, as well as a toggle switch for current or voltage control. It is UL recognized and CSA approved and designed for class I, division 2, group D environments. Additionally, the input section is equipped with a digital interface that allows for easier control and monitoring of the output section. The output section consists of two relay-controlled outputs and a separate, selectable-voltage AC output, allowing users to preset the output for either constant voltage or current. It also has a custom-made magnetic coil transformer that provides efficient conversion of current, with a power range of up to 400 watts. Furthermore, the output section has an active power factor correction that reduces energy waste and includes a soft start feature that eases the load on circuits that are subject to large inrush currents. Additionally, the unit comes equipped with a linear adjustment mechanism for fine-tuning of the output voltage. It has an integrated temperature sensor, allowing the Power Supplies unit to automatically adjust the wattage output in order to maintain a safe operating temperature. The on/off switch for the unit is LED-illuminated, enabling operators to quickly identify when the Power Supplies unit is powered up. The unit includes a 2-pole terminal block for easily connecting the user's cabling and a monitor port for connecting remote monitoring devices. The entire unit is housed in a rugged steel chassis and is UL, CSA and CE approved for safety and reliability. AMAT 0190-07968 Power Supplies unit is the perfect choice for ultra-high vacuum applications and provides a versatile and robust solution for many industrial processes. It offers reliable and precise control in a versatile, low cost package. With its impressive feature set and UL, CSA and CE certification, it is sure to stand the test of time.
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