Used AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS 0190-07969 #9172239 for sale

ID: 9172239
ENI 20 kW for AL slaver.
AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS 0190-07969 is a high performance, single phase power supply designed to offer optimal performance and high efficiency in demanding applications. The power supply is small in size, making it ideal for use in limited physical space, yet offers a wide range of current and voltage levels, allowing for flexibility in application. The power supply is designed to operate between 100-127 VAC or 208-242 VAC, with the option to select the voltage with a simple switch selection. The unit is capable of delivering up to 800W of output power and a dynamic load response of 2mS as standard, with options of up to 5 mS and 1 mS. It supports a wide range of operating temperatures, from 0-40°C, to 50°C over ambient, allowing for operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. The unit features active rectifying and constant voltage mode, allowing the user to toggle between voltage regulation and current regulation operation. It provides soft start and overvoltage protection to ensure against any sudden surge in voltage or current, and active power factor correction (PFC) to minimize harmonic current distortion and reduce power consumption. It also features pulse width modulation (PWM) and voltage tracking to ensure continuity of voltage regulation and ripple suppression over a load range of 4-100%, protecting against any voltage fluctuations. AMAT 0190-07969 also provides input power filtering to reduce harmonic components for improved EMI performance, as well as a number of advanced monitoring features and alarms to provide crucial insight into the power supply's performance, making troubleshooting easier. APPLIED MATERIALS 0190-07969 is an ideal solution for a range of medical, industrial, and analytical instrument applications, as it provides high power output, maximum efficiency, low noise, and advanced voltage and current regulation in an extremely compact form factor. It features a robust, rugged enclosure, making it resistant to shock, vibration, corrosion, vermin, and dust, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period.
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