Used AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS 0190-22931 #9172223 for sale

ID: 9172223
ENI 20kW for DSTTN.
AMAT / APPLIED MATERIALS 0190-22931 is a high-performance power supply designed to meet the most demanding requirements of OEM applications. It is capable of providing reliable and efficient power conversion from 380V AC to 24V DC. This power supply is an ideal choice for applications such as automotive test systems, laboratory automation systems, medical instrumentation systems, and other industrial machinery. AMAT 0190-22931 utilizes a switching topology design with a high frequency transformer which provides a high efficiency, stable output. The system converts a wide range of input voltages between 300 and 480V AC with input frequency up to 65 Hz, into a regulated and stable 24VDC output. The output voltage is adjustable and can be set to a maximum of 28VDC, while the output current is up to 60A. This high level of output power in combination with the wide input voltage and frequency range, make this power supply suitable for a variety of different applications. The power factor correction circuitry incorporated within this power supply helps to reduce input harmonics and eliminates the need for an external power factor correction unit, making it suitable for powering multiple devices without interruption. This system is protected against over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature to ensure safe and reliable performance. APPLIED MATERIALS 0190-22931 has a compact design featuring a height of 107.6mm and a width of 225.4mm which allows the unit to be installed in confined spaces. This power supply is designed for low noise emissions and cooling is achieved with an internal fan. 0190-22931 is CE marked and offers a high level of reliability for demanding power conversion requirements. It is capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures from -20 °C to +70 °C and has an MTBF of 1 million hours. This power supply is suitable for a variety of applications and provides the end user with reliable, power conversion.
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