Used AMD LASER Picasso Lite #9168720 for sale

AMD LASER Picasso Lite
ID: 9168720
Diode laser Power: 205W.
AMD LASER Picasso Lite power supply offers reliable and stable power delivery to an array of devices in a compact and lightweight design. Boasting a fully-modular cable design, this PSU helps reduce clutter and improves cable management. With a total power capacity of 550W and a combined +3.3V and +5V wattage of 160W, the LASER Picasso Lite ensures reliable and efficient power delivery for the components in your system. The PSUs are made using Japanese capacitors which are renowned for their high quality. This PSUs feature 0dB thermal fan control technology which provides fan-less operation at an ambient temperatures of 0-25 degrees Celsius, and maximizes system silence at temperatures higher than 25 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the LASER AMD LASER Picasso Lite PSU features 87-90% or greater efficiency, allowing it to save energy and money. The LASER Picasso Lite features an ultra-quiet 120mm cooling fan with long life capability. With its thermal regulation system, the fan speed adjusts accordingly in order to keep the power supply cool which in turn increases its performance and reliability. Thanks to its flat flex ribbon cabling design, the LASER AMD LASER Picasso Lite is able to provide extreme flexibility for cable management and installation. The LASER Picasso Lite offers excellent features such as power protection from over voltages and from short circuits thanks to its Over Voltage Protection and Short Circuit Protection. Additionally, the power supply comes with a 5 years Manufacturers Warranty, providing that extra layer of security and protection in case something goes wrong. Overall, AMD LASER Picasso Lite power supply is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient power supply with a long lifespan, offering stable power delivery for a variety of components without taking up too much space or generating too much noise.
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