Used AMETEK SGA30X334C-0AAA #9174056 for sale

ID: 9174056
DC Power supply.
AMETEK SGA30X334C-0AAA is a power supply designed for use in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and medical applications. It features highly efficient and reliable switching power conversion, delivering up to 30W of continuous output power with a wide operating voltage range of 6-48V DC. SGA30X334C-0AAA is a multi-output power supply designed to provide multiple independent outputs with adjustable set point accuracy, offering multiple adjustable output voltages, currents, and power sources. It is equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection as well as soft start, input surge protection, and an isolated case bonding ground. In addition, it provides over temperature protection and is designed for both board and chassis-mounting. AMETEK SGA30X334C-0AAA features a built-in EMI filter that is compliant with FCC Class B, as well as isolation class III. It has a temperature range of -10 to 70°C in full load operation, and has a mean time between failure greater than 100,000 hours. Its construction is an open-frame design with a natural convection fan-free cooling system, which makes it ideal for applications in difficult environments such as those with space and/or temperature restrictions. In addition, this power supply is RoHS compliant and both UL and EN approved meaning it is suitable for worldwide applications. SGA30X334C-0AAA is a highly efficient power supply, providing up to ninety-six percent of typical full load efficiency. It is also capable of parallel operation with up to four units for increased current capacity and excellent load distribution. With its adjustable output voltages and currents, AMETEK SGA30X334C-0AAA is well suited for applications with changing requirements such as medical and industrial instrumentation, manufacturing, and process control environments. In summary, SGA30X334C-0AAA is a highly efficient and reliable power supply with several important features. It is UL and EN approved, RoHS compliant, and includes multiple adjustable output voltages, currents and power sources, as well as surge protection and overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection. AMETEK SGA30X334C-0AAA has a wide operating temperature range, excellent load distribution, and is suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial, and medical applications.
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