Used AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 25A250A #9165155 for sale

ID: 9165155
Power amplifier.
AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 25A250A is an AC/DC power supply designed to meet a wide range of power requirements. It has a programmable design which provides precise control of electrical output characteristics. This allows it to easily accommodate a variety of power output configurations. 25A250A is highly efficient, featuring a high power output from its low-profile design and optimum energy efficiency. Its sealed construction ensures reliable operation in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 25A250A has a wide input voltage range of 110VAC - 250VAC and can output up to 250 Amps at 25VDC. Its current output range is 0.1 Amps to 250 Amps. Its frequency range is 47-63 Hz and it has a high surge current rating of 20 Amps for greater flexibility and improved reliability. 25A250A is protected against overvoltage and short circuit operations. Its four-digit LED digital panel is easy to read and allows for an adjustable output voltage of 0-25V. The unit is equipped with a direct current output voltage adjustment wheel for easy adjustment of output voltage. AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 25A250A has power ratings of 25A (maximum) at 25V DC, with a ripple current of less than 1mApp RMS and a voltage regulation of +/- 0.3%. Its overload capacity is also adjustable and short-circuit protection with automatic reclosing overload protection. 25A250A features flexible features designed to make installation and maintenance easier. It is designed for a low thermal output and offers an internal fanless design for quiet operation and efficient cooling. Its modular design allows for additional flexibility when configuring the unit. AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 25A250A is highly reliable and designed for a rugged and reliable performance. Its rugged steel design resists shock and vibration while its fanless design helps ensure a quiet operation at all times. Its high quality components make it highly durable while also ensuring a long service life.
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