Used AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 30W1000B #9161038 for sale

ID: 9161038
RF Broadband solid state amplifier.
An AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 30W1000B power supply is a robust and reliable power source used in many scientific and industrial applications. This power supply is designed to provide consistent DC current of 30 watts, up to 1000 volts for a variety of purposes. 30W1000B is equipped with an adjustable voltage control knob, and three overload protection and overload audible warning indicators. With efficient built-in power regulation, AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 30W1000B is designed to provide a stable and consistent source of power. The overload protection feature aids in preventing any damage to the internal circuitry due to a surge of excess current or voltage. The audible warning system alerts the user when the voltage or current exceeds the upper level limit. 30W1000B provides a high accuracy current rating of ±0.1%, making it ideal for operation in laboratory or production environments. This power supply takes up minimal space, with its small size and light weight (8.2 x 4.8 x 2.8 inches, and 1.9kg shipping weight). Its lightweight and compact size makes for easy integration into any type of system. Furthermore, its built-in temperature-control features save energy and extend the life of the product. Its AC input voltage range (115/230VAC) makes it perfect for use with a variety of voltages. The DC output voltage range is from 0 to 1000V. The adjustable voltage knobs allow users to adjust the power output on the fly, making it a great choice for experiments and research requiring precise power levels. With high ripple and noise suppression, AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 30W1000B delivers a noise-free and clean power within the desired level. The user-friendly design of 30W1000B includes a comprehensive digital display, providing a readout of current, voltage, and power information, along with LED indicators which show the supplying voltage and current. This makes it easy to monitor the details of the power source without the need for a multimeter or other measurement equipment. These features make AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 30W1000B an reliable and versatile power supply for research, laboratory and industrial applications.
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