Used AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 75A250A #9165156 for sale

ID: 9165156
Broadband Amplifier.
AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 75A250A is a reliable, high-power amplifier for laboratory, research and industrial applications. This power supply is designed to deliver a high-power output of 250A, with a voltage range of 6-150VDC. It features an adjustable output current, and is capable of providing tight control of output current with drift and ripple of less than 0.1%. This power supply is designed with efficiency and stability in mind, and features a high-current density power package with a low output impedance. 75A250A is a high power amplifier designed for use in demanding environments. It features a large dynamic range, allowing the user to select operational voltage and current within a range of 6-150VDC and 250A. The output current can be adjusted to accommodate the power needs of the application and the drift of the output current is less than 0.1%; as such, the user can expect a highly stable output current. This power supply is designed to provide high-efficiency operation and allow the user to make accurate adjustments without a sacrifice in power output. AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 75A250A is well suited for applications where precision and power are required. As such, this power supply is especially popular in laboratory, research and industrial applications. It is designed for reliable operation, and its low internal temperature and low output impedance make it a good choice for applications which require a cooler and quieter operation. This power supply also features a range of features such as a low noise level, an overload protection circuit, short circuit protection, and an input line filter, to ensure safe and reliable operation in a variety of operating conditions. When using 75A250A, the user can expect to achieve reliable performance - even in demanding laboratory, research and industrial implementations. Its high power and its reliable operation make it an ideal power solution for laboratories, universities and industrial locations which require a reliable and high power amplifier. AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 75A250A is a well-designed and reliable power solution for a variety of application needs.
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