Used AMREL SPS 200-5 #9163043 for sale

SPS 200-5
ID: 9163043
DC Power supply 0-200V / 5A 1KW Programmable DC switch.
AMREL SPS 200-5 is a high-performance power supply designed for laboratory, industrial, and military applications. This advanced, modularized power supply is fully programmable, allowing users to easily adjust current and voltage levels in a wide 0-200V/0-5A DC voltage range. SPS 200-5 is constructed with a metallic frame, mounting plate, and PCB. The high-grade US Military COTS components ensure excellent reliability and long-term stability. The unique design allows for 5A of constant current under full load. The modularized design and adjustable voltage and current parameters give the user greater flexibility and control over their power supply. AMREL SPS 200-5 runs on AC or DC input voltages and is equipped with a wide variety of protection functions, such as over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, and thermal management. In addition, the unit is designed with an integrated temperature control system that can operate in both manual and automatic modes. For long-term stability, the unit includes a built-in power trending feature, which allows for regular calibration and constant voltage and current levels. SPS 200-5 offers a range of customizations appropriate to the user's needs. An adjustable maximum voltage setting helps to avoid accidental damage and thermal overloading. A wide selection of output interfaces, such as 4-pole, 6-pole, and banana plug type connectors, allows for connection to a variety of devices. AMREL SPS 200-5 is a powerful, versatile, and reliable choice for a variety of power supply applications. With its modular design, adjustable settings, and an array of safety and protection features, SPS 200-5 is the ideal power supply for industrial and military needs.
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