Used AMVECO MAGNETICS AA53002-015 #9174261 for sale

ID: 9174261
AMVECO MAGNETICS AA53002-015 is a single-output switch mode power supply rated at 15.0V (DC) output voltage. This power supply utilizes a reliable switching topology to provide robust, efficient power conversion and is designed for medium power applications. The core features of AA53002-015 include: Nominal Voltage Output: 15V DC Maximum Output Current: 0.5A Input Voltage: 120V AC/60Hz Power Consumption: 8W Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 50°C Inrush Current Limit: 5A Efficiency: 75% Overload Protection: Internal AMVECO MAGNETICS AA53002-015 also features short circuit and over temperature protection as inputs, ensuring the power supply's reliability and safety under a wide range of operating conditions. This power supply delivers a reliable source of clean, stabilized power ideal for use in a variety of applications, including in medical electronics and telecommunications equipment, industrial controllers, point of sale systems, and more. The power supply is designed with a durable, lightweight aluminum casing for added durability, and is RoHS compliant to ensure it is free from harmful substances. The power supply is UL Recognized and meets industrial safety standards for added convenience and peace of mind when using the product. This power supply is incredibly versatile due to its wide range of compatibility with a variety of equipment. The power supply is fully compatible with all 3-, 4- and 5- pin connectors as well as configured terminals that come with terminal screws for added stability and performance. This makes it easy to quickly install the power supply in a variety of applications. AA53002-015 is a reliable, efficient switch mode power supply capable of delivering a high-quality source of power for a wide range of applications. The power supply's low-profile form factor and versatile compatibility make it easy to quickly install, while its wide range of features make it a strong and reliable choice for a variety of equipment.
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