Used APC Smart-Cell #9170810 for sale

ID: 9170810
Battery backup unit Voltage: 48 DC V.
APC Smart-Cell is an advanced type of power supply designed by the American Power Conversion (APC) Corporation for use in data centers, server racks and other enclosed equipment applications. This power supply provides advanced protection and power monitoring features to help ensure reliable and efficient operation. Smart-Cell is a modular power supply equipment that provides redundant power supply capabilities. APC Smart-Cell utilizes dual "hot-swappable" power supplies that can be independently replaced without disrupting the operation of the system. The built-in monitoring unit notifies users when a power supply needs to be replaced. Smart-Cell machine also features thermal and voltage sensors to ensure that power supply operation is running at the highest efficiency. The power supply tool is also designed to be Energy Star (Energy Efficiency Rating 3.0) compliant. APC Smart-Cell's advanced features ensures reliable power delivery to a wide variety of mission-critical applications. This power supply is capable of providing power up to 10kVA rated load—nearly double that of a standard power supply. The power supply asset also has built-in overload protection to help protect from power surges that can damage equipment. The power supply is equipped with an auto switchover feature that allows for seamless and reliable operation of the model even in the event of a power loss. Smart-Cell power supply can be paired with other equipment to enhance the power delivery equipment's performance. This includes battery backup systems, uninterruptible power supplies and expandable power access units. This ensures that the system can run at peak efficiency while providing reliable performance for extended periods of time. APC Smart-Cell is designed for cost-effective installation and easy maintenance. The power supplies modular design makes it easy to add additional power supplies and can be quickly swapped out in the event of replacement or maintenance. Smart-Cell's remote monitoring capabilities provide more robust management of the unit. This helps to reduce energy costs and increase operational efficiency. In summary, APC Smart-Cell is a highly advanced power supply machine designed for superior performance and reliability in a wide range of applications. This power supply tool provides dual "hot-swappable" power supplies with advanced protection features, energy-saving features, and modular design that allows for easy installation and maintenance. Additionally, the power supply asset is Energy Star compliant and can be paired with other equipment to provide greater redundancy and energy efficiency.
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