Used ASTECH ATL-100RA #9409074 for sale

ID: 9409074
Vintage: 1998
Match boxes 1998 vintage.
ASTECH ATL-100RA power supply is an advanced, low-noise, high reliability unit designed for supplying power to industrial applications. This device offers a number of features for providing constant voltage and current. It has an 80-230V universal AC input with an input voltage range of 29-240V, and a DC output voltage of 5-15V. The maximum output current is 100A with a minimum load of 0.3A. The efficiency rating is 80%, allowing for a high-end efficiency with minimal power loss. ATL-100RA is equipped with multiple protection features, such as over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection. These features ensure the safety of the device during operation and prolong its lifespan. The operating temperature is -20°C to +50°C, making the unit suitable for a variety of industrial applications with varying environmental conditions. Its MTBF rating of over 75,000 hours allows it to remain reliable under 24/7 constant operations. ASTECH ATL-100RA also has a built-in 24Vac/3A fan speed control feature to keep noise levels low. The fan can be adjusted for the desired fan speed according to application-specific requirements. In addition, the power supply can support a wide range of remote mounted sensing options, including current sharing. This feature allows more than one power supply load to be independently sensed. ATL-100RA has a metal chassis with a fan-cooled design. It comes with a power output cable and mounting brackets for easy installation. Its terminal strips allow for wiring connection and adjustment of output current. This unit is compact, lightweight, and designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting. It also comes with a 3-year warranty for guaranteed performance and reliable operation. Overall, ASTECH ATL-100RA is a high-performance power supply designed for long-term, reliable operation in industrial applications. It has a wide range of safety features, variable output voltage and current, fan speed control for low noise operation, and remote sensing capabilities for current sharing. It is also UL certified and comes with a 3-year warranty for guaranteed performance.
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