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AX 8403A
ID: 9173590
Ozone generator.
ASTEX AX 8403A is a linear regulated, single-channel, high power supply with an output voltage of up to 40V and an output current capability of up to 6A. The unit has a stabilized output voltage and current, and is protected against short circuit and overload. It has one voltage output terminal, with a voltage display and a current limit arrow. ASTEX AX 8403 A is also equipped with a temperature sensing system that protects against thermal overload. The power supply is designed to work efficiently, consume minimal power and generate very low noise, making it suitable for research, laboratory, and industrial applications. The device features a dual-digital digital display that shows both the output current, up to 6A and the output voltage, up to 40V. The voltage display has a resolution of 0.01V and an accuracy of 0.4%. The current resolution is 0.2mA with an accuracy of 1%. The digital display also allows for dynamic control allowing precise and precise adjustment of current and power levels. The unit has an external control port, with a cable connected to a multiplexer, enabling external control and monitoring of the power supply. AX 8403A has both local and remote control and monitoring capabilities. The unit can be remotely controlled via a built-in serial port with a firmware update capability. The power supply also has protection circuits, such as over-voltage protection and over-current protection, which can be customized to the user's application. AX 8403 A is CE certified, meaning it meets the European Union's safety, health and environmental requirements. The power supply is housed in a standard 1U 19" rack mountable chassis and has a maximum power rating of 250W. It has a working temperature range of -20°C to 70°C and is designed to run from a single phase AC power source. ASTEX AX 8403A is a powerful and reliable power supply suitable for various applications including laboratory experiments, industrial machines, and test and measurement systems. It can be operated locally or remotely, requires minimal power and noise, and is CE certified for safety and environmental requirements.
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