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AX 8403A
ID: 9174363
Ozone generator.
ASTEX AX 8403A is a high power, programmable DC power supply designed for laboratory and manufacturing use. It is capable of delivering up to 4020 watts of continuous DC power and providing 6 isolated output channels. It is driven by a microprocessor and comes with an intuitive graphic user interface, allowing easy setup and operation. This system provides accurate and stable power, helping to reduce testing time and improve experimental results. ASTEX AX 8403 A comes with several advanced features, such as an adjustable current limit, over voltage protection, and an adjustable voltage slew rate. These features help to protect the test device from over or under-current or sudden power transients. Additionally, it features auto-ranging voltage and current capabilities, allowing for a wide range of tests and experiments. AX 8403A's outputs are also digitally controlled and monitored, allowing for precise and repeatable test results. It includes a USB port for communication and control of the power supply, as well as a serial port for remote programming and parameter setting. Additionally, the outputs are synchronizable, allowing for multi-channel testing and calibration. AX 8403 A also includes several safety features, such as a metal cover door, a key-lock system, internal over-temperature protection, and a dynamic current limiting system. Additionally, it is designed with a wide available range of controlled frequency outputs, allowing for advanced testing applications. Overall, ASTEX AX 8403A is a high-performance DC power supply designed for laboratory and manufacturing use. It is easy to use, provides accurate and stable power, and is loaded with advanced features that help to protect the test device. The synchronizable outputs, adjustable current limit and over voltage protection make it ideal for a variety of tests and experiments.
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