Used BALL PRFS-102 #9161582 for sale

ID: 9161582
Frequency reference.
BALL PRFS-102 is a high power, compact and lightweight switching power supply designed for professional use in audio, video and communications systems. It features an intuitive and flexible design, ideal for studio and field applications. The supply operates on AC line power or an external DC voltage source, up to 35V. It is built with an internal redundancy system, allowing it to be shut down automatically when an overcurrent or overvoltage fault is detected, protecting vital equipment and components from damage. PRFS-102 is capable of simultaneously delivering up to four separate outputs at 12V/2A, 9V/2A, 5V/2A and 3.3V/2A. Total power across all outputs is up to 24W. Its advanced voltage regulation techniques provide a stable output voltage with the ability to track changing line voltages. Protection features include current limit, short circuit and thermal protection. The power supply is designed for outdoor use and features a durable enclosure that resists ingress of moisture and dust. It is enclosed in an aluminum case with heat dissipation vents and features an internal thermally protected fan for cooling. It also features a replaceable power cord and is designed for quiet operation. BALL PRFS-102 features multiple mounting options and is designed for easy installation and setup. It is equipped with a locking port for DC connector, designed for secure connection and quick disconnection. It also features an LED status indicator, power switch and voltage selection switch, allowing full control over its operation. It is UL 1449 certified, indicating a suitable level of safety, and includes a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty. In conclusion, PRFS-102 is an efficient, reliable and powerful switching power supply suitable for a wide range of audio, video and communications applications. With its advanced design, and protective features it ensures an uninterrupted, stable power delivery and continues to deliver reliable performance.
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