Used BERTAN 105-01R #9163045 for sale

ID: 9163045
High voltage DC power supply Front panel controls Fixed polarity Reversible polarity 19" Standard rack 0-1, 000V, 1A, 1KW Output voltage: Up to 50KV.
BERTAN 105-01R is a high-quality power supply engineered to meet a wide range of laboratory, industrial and home needs. 105-01R is a switching power supply with an output range of 0-105V/1A, offering a maximum output power of 105W. This power supply has a universal input voltage of 85-264VAC and features a high frequency soft-start technology,which is perfect for any use case. It has a high inrush current for powering loads up to 105W and a low current ripple and noise for reliable operation. BERTAN 105-01R has a highly efficient, hot-swappable design which allows for easy removal in the event of an emergency need for power. Its efficient thermal design provides good heat dissipation, so it can provide maximum output without problems. Additionally, 105-01R features adjustable output voltage, overload protection, and over-voltage protection for safety during use. BERTAN 105-01R is equipped with an LCD display which allows the user to adjust the output voltage and check the current status of the power supply. The display shows the current, voltage, and the power. There are also terminal blocks and protection fuses which allow the user to connect their devices safely and securely. 105-01R is also equipped with active power factor correction technology, which can improve the power factor of the system and reduce power losses. This power supply is made of high-quality materiials and has a durable construction, ensuring consistent, satisfactory performance. Overall, BERTAN 105-01R is a reliable, high-performance power supply that is suitable for a wide variety of applications. It offers adjustable output, a wide input voltage range, protection features and an LCD display for easy adjustment and monitoring of the power supply. Its robust construction and hot-swappable design make it an ideal choice for a wide range of needs.
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