Used BERTAN 105-05R #9163044 for sale

ID: 9163044
High voltage DC power supply Front panel controls Fixed polarity Reversible polarity 19" Standard rack 0-5KV, 200mA, 1KW Output voltage: Up to 50KV.
BERTAN 105-05R is a reliable and efficient AC-DC power supply designed to meet many of today's equipment requirements. Featuring a wide range of output voltage, current, and power capability, 105-05R has the versatility to fulfill your needs. At the heart of BERTAN 105-05R is an advanced switching regulator with automatic crossover to maintain control at all output levels and virtually no line disturbance. With a power factor > 0.98, the power supply has the ability to provide clean, stabilized power output and superior transient response for a wide range of applications. 105-05R provides efficient, reliable, and cost-effective performance. The supply is equipped with a wide range of protection features, such as over voltage, over current, and short-circuit protection, to ensure the safe operation of the unit and optimal protection of your equipment and its components. The power supply's robust design delivers long-term reliability for a variety of demanding system installations. Features like a built-in EMI filter and the use of low-noise components also ensure that BERTAN 105-05R stands up to the task. The unit is compliant with the latest safety and EMC standards, so you can be sure your unit is properly protected. 105-05R comes in a compact, 1U size, making it suitable for both on-site and distributed power applications. The power supply has an optional remote sensing function, allowing you to monitor your machine remotely, and a variety of power connectors to fit any tool requirement. BERTAN 105-05R promises to be your power supply of choice, with its combination of reliability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and advanced protection features. Invest in this reliable and productive AC-DC power supply today and enjoy years of trouble-free performance.
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