Used BK PRECISION 1671A #9174242 for sale

ID: 9174242
DC Power supply.
BK PRECISION 1671A is a DC programmable power supply that is capable of providing up to 300W of unregulated output voltage. It has a high-resolution, 3-digit LED display that shows the output voltage and current, as well as built-in safeguards to prevent overloads. The unit has a convenient Four Key user interface that makes setting the output voltage and current simple. It comes with adjustable voltage limits to prevent accidental current overloads, and it also features remote sense, external programming capability, and a USB port for computer interfacing. The unitstability ±0.005% + 0.03% for a line and load regulation range of 0 to 2000V and 0 to 5A, respectively. 1671A also includes Linear tracking for easy series and parallel connections of up to ten units. The unit offers constant voltage and constant current operation, as well as a user-selectable dynamic CC/CV mode, allowing for even more precise control of the output voltage and current. This power supply is designed to be reliable and efficient, and is perfect for use in any lab, testing, or educational environment.
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