Used CATERPILLAR XQ 800 #9168234 for sale

XQ 800
ID: 9168234
Vintage: 2006
Industrial power module Powered by CAT C27 engine Complete with: EMCP 3.2 Control panel Jacket water heater Battery charger 1000 Gallons double wall fuel tank Rated at 800 kW 60 HZ, 480 V 1800 rpm Tier 2 Sound attenuated 30ft ISO high cube container Total running hours: 10,270 hours 2006 vintage.
CATERPILLAR XQ 800 is a heavy-duty power supply designed to offer maximum reliability and efficiency while sustaining site deployment. The device has a robust and rugged operating unit that supports a wide range of current, voltage, and frequency levels in harsh conditions. XQ 800 is engineered for efficient operation, with the ability to withstand heavy loads and extreme shock and vibration performance. It has an advanced cooling equipment with high-efficiency evaporative coolers, offers overload protection with fault and alarm notification, and has a built-in start/stop communication protocol. Most importantly, CATERPILLAR XQ 800 is built to last. It is constructed of durable stainless steel and features a robust power supply panel with precision-fit components that provide superior strength and protection. It is hot-swappable and has calibration and calibration verification ports that can provide additional longevity. Equipped with a number of advanced features, such as high current DC outputs, an auto-restart feature, adjustable line voltage, auto-transfer feature, interruptible power delivery, short-circuiting and free-standing protection. XQ 800 is designed to ensure maximum output and safety in any environment. The power supply is also equipped with adjustable power supply frequency, voltage, current, phase, and current settings, as well as the ability to monitor the incoming AC current input and output. CATERPILLAR XQ 800 also employs true sinewave modulation technology, allowing it to operate at optimum efficiency while maintaining low noise levels. XQ 800 also offers advanced protection features, such as an adjustable low voltage cut-out switch, temperature control, overload protection, remote control, battery backup system, and a comprehensive network monitoring unit. This allows customers to closely monitor the operating conditions of the device to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. In addition, CATERPILLAR XQ 800 supports a wide range of industry-standard communications protocols, including Modbus, CANBUS, and Ethernet, allowing customers to easily access and control the unit remotely. The device also has a built-in power management machine, allowing customers to track and manage their energy usage more efficiently. Additionally, the device is designed to be extremely user-friendly, ensuring simple and effective setup and installation. All in all, XQ 800 is a reliable, efficient, and durable power supply that is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure maximum performance in the most demanding conditions.
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