Used COMDEL CB-250 #9164853 for sale

ID: 9164853
RF Generators P/N: FP7113RA For APPLIED MATERIALS Endura metal process.
COMDEL CB-250 is a highly reliable and efficient power supply designed for industrial and laboratory applications. It features an integrated, heavy-duty base mounting chassis with a double-pole multi-switch interface. COMDEL CB 250 is constructed from premium grade components for maximum performance and durability. CB-250 features a single output, adjustable from 0 to 250V, with up to 50mA of continuous output current and up to 100mA surge current. The output connection is on the rear of the unit and is protected with a reverse-polarity polarity switch to protect components from improper connections. The front panel includes output terminal screw terminals and a indicator LED for visual status information. CB 250 is cooled by a highly efficient temperature-controlled fan that limits audible noise and maximizes long-term operation. The chassis features a 0.25 inch (6.4 mm) anodized aluminum construction for reliability and ruggedness in harsh operating environments. The external dimensions of the unit are 10.2 x 6.2 x 3.1 inches (259 x 157 x 79 mm). Safety is paramount, and COMDEL CB-250 meets UL, CSA, and CE requirements for the highest standards of safety and reliability. It is protected from overloads and short circuits and includes built-in thermal protection to safeguard against overheating. For remote monitoring, COMDEL CB 250 has both analog and digital connections. An RS232 two-way connection is available for digital communication and monitoring, and an analog connection is available for analog control and readout. CB-250 is designed for long-term, reliable performance and ease of use. The integrated base mounting design, heavy-duty construction, and reliable safety features provide a robust power supply for applications where reliable power is a must. Its simple connection interface makes integration with existing digital and analog control systems easy, and its high efficiency ensures that power is used efficiently. CB 250 is a great choice for a range of industrial and laboratory applications.
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