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CLX 1250
ID: 9164923
RF Generators P/N: FP1240R2 For WONIK IPS Maha CVD System.
COMDEL CLX 1250 is a high-power linear power supply offering a wide range of operating voltage inputs and outputs. This power supply uses custom designed and integrated power components, such as MOSFET technology, to increase efficiency and reduce size while remaining lightweight and compact. CLX 1250 offers an input voltage of 230V AC. One primary AC voltage input is used to provide the desired DC output. The wide input voltage range of this power supply enables it to work in various operating conditions, including both single and three-phase power from 85-264V AC. A unique high-precision voltage regulator facilitates control of the precise, steady DC output. This power supply has fast dynamic response capabilities and offers output voltage of up to 1250VDC. COMDEL CLX 1250 is integrated with protection features, like over voltage/-current circuits, short voltage/-current protection, thermal shutdown, and air flow interlock. These features ensure the safe and optimal performance of the power system. This advanced power supply also features a built-in fan providing maximum airflow for optimal cooling performance. The fan provides forced air cooling support which reduces the temperature and ensures a reliable power supply system. Additionally, integrated voltage-adjustment and shut-down functions allow the user to control the device remotely. CLX 1250 offers excellent efficiency ratings with up to 88% efficiency at full load. It's also rated to be compatible with UL and CE safety standards. This power supply is uniquely designed with a high degree of safety, reliability, and performance. In conclusion, COMDEL CLX 1250 is an advanced linear power supply offering high power outputs, fast dynamic response capabilities, excellent safety features, and UL and CE safety certification. It's an ideal power supply for supplying power to industrial equipment and other applications that require high power and reliability.
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