Used COMDEL CPS 1001S #9177205 for sale

CPS 1001S
ID: 9177205
RF Generator.
COMDEL CPS 1001S is a high precision power supply with accurate, reliable and unmatched sull-in-one performance designed to meet the most stringent industrial requirements. It is a single-channel, constant voltage/constant current supply capable of delivering up to 1000 watts, with a wide input voltage range of 85 to 265 VAC. The adjustable design of COMDEL CPS-1001 S allows for a wide input voltage range for use in most industrial environments. CPS 1001S power supply features a highly efficient switch-mode topology with dedicated safety features to ensure long-term operation, even in harsh industrial conditions. The constant voltage/constant current output of the unit utilizes advanced digital control to maintain high accuracy with dynamic load changes of up to 10A and peak transient overloads greater than 50A. CPS-1001 S also has a wide output voltage range of 0 to 50 VDC and a variable output current range of 10A. In addition, the unit offers a wide array of operational features such as remote sensing, fan speed control, adjustable over-voltage/over-current protection and adjustable timer. COMDEL CPS 1001S is designed to meet stringent industrial health and safety requirements and is certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the European Union Low Voltage Directive (LVD). In addition, COMDEL CPS-1001 S has an intelligent user interface with power factor correction and an LED display that allows for quick visual confirmation of settings and real-time monitoring of the power supply. The robust design of CPS 1001S power supply is further enhanced by an internal temperature monitoring system that helps to maintain a safe operating temperature and prevent damage to components. The unit also features thermal shutdown protection and over-temperature protection devices to protect itself from damage. Additionally, CPS-1001 S features a low output ripple/noise rating of 400 mV and a high operating efficiency rating of up to 95%. COMDEL CPS 1001S power supply is the ideal choice for industrial applications requiring reliable, accurate and long-term operation. COMDEL CPS-1001 S' extensive operating features, protective features and wide voltage/current ranges are designed to ensure reliable power delivery and a safe operating environment for industrial users.
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