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CX 600AS
ID: 9177202
RF Generator P/N: 0190-21755.
COMDEL CX 600AS is the most reliable high power AC/DC power supply for today's test and measurement applications. This versatile power supply has a broad output range of 0 - 600 V and 0 - 5.1 A output, and it can also provide lower current auxiliary power and higher current charging and dynamic testing applications. COMDEL CX-600AS features integrated short-circuit and over-temperature protection, line and load regulation to 0.05%, and peak loading up to 10 times the rated maximum current. With its ability to support variable phase control and a pulse width modulation load, CX-600 AS gives engineers the precision and power they need for reliable product testing. CX 600A/S offers a programmable output with a flexible control interface that connects to either a PC or an external controller. This power supply's easy-to-use menu-driven LCD display allows for easy monitoring and control of the output voltages and currents, including the output ripple and noise. Its current control mode allows for precise setting of the output current and the ability to adjust the output waveform. The power supply can also provide a consistent output voltage even under fluctuating line voltage, ensuring the results are reliable and accurate. CX 600AS also offers the versatility of using external triggers or software control. With external triggers, the output voltage and/or current can be triggered for up to 250 cycles. The software control features allow for adjusting output voltage, current, and load via the PC. Both of these features give engineers the ability to integrate COMDEL CX 600A/S into existing test systems or develop new applications. CX-600AS is built with power semiconductor devices and components, including a forced air cooling system to maximize the power output. Its robust design ensures reliable operation under a wide range of environmental conditions including high temperature and humidity. The power supply is certified to be safe and EMC compliant and meets the latest environmental requirements, making COMDEL CX-600 AS a reliable and secure component for testing applications. Overall, COMDEL CX 600AS power supply is the perfect solution for any test and measurement application. It has a wide output range, precise line and load regulation, and the ability to dynamically control the output. With its versatile control capabilities and robust design, COMDEL CX-600AS can provide reliable testing results even under extreme conditions. With its safety certifications and EMC compliance, CX-600 AS can be easily integrated into existing test systems and provide the accurate power needed for effective product testing.
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