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CX 650S
ID: 9167743
RF Generators 13.56 MHz.
COMDEL CX 650S is a power supply specially designed for a wide range of demanding industrial, commercial, and research applications. It is capable of operating in the range of 40-650V and provides up to 600A of current. The power supply features advanced diagnostic and protection features that make sure your equipment runs safely and optimally. It is designed with the utmost precision and reliability, and is certified for international safety standards. CX 650S is equipped with advanced digital control technology, which helps to ensure precision in current and voltage regulation. A powerful back-emf detection system helps protect the device from being overloaded, while precise overcurrent protection prevents possible damage caused by overcurrent events. Moreover, the unit features an adjustable protection threshold to further ensure user safety. COMDEL CX 650S is designed to be used with a wide range of power sources, including AC, DC, or unipolar/bipolar input sources. The unit is capable of converting different voltages into either DC or AC output, depending on the user's needs. The power supply operates at a frequency of 50-400KHz, allowing it to be used in a range of industrial, commercial, and research applications. CX 650S also features a built-in digital display, which allows the user to monitor the power supply's performance and parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, and temperature. Additionally, the unit is easy to install and configure, so users don't have to be experts to set up the power supply. For further convenience, COMDEL CX 650S comes with a remote control that allows the user to switch the power supply off from any location. All in all, CX 650S is an excellent choice for a wide range of demanding applications, offering users reliable performance with optimal precision and safety features. Whether you're using the power supply in your company, plant, or research facility, rest assured that COMDEL CX 650S will provide you with reliable performance and superior safety that won't let you down.
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