Used DAIHEN 2L39-000033-12 #9164632 for sale

DAIHEN 2L39-000033-12
ID: 9164632
RF Generators for TEL Vesta etcher.
DAIHEN 2L39-000033-12 is a reliable and efficient power supply designed for smooth operation in a wide variety of applications. It is manufactured by DAIHEN, an industry-leading electronics company. This power supply has a rated input voltage of 100-240VAC, and is capable of outputting voltages of up to 3.3 Volt DC and up to 1 Amps with short-circuit protection. The power supply also has short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, and auto-recovery features. This power supply makes use of a high-frequency switching technique for reliable and efficient performance. The high-frequency switching technique allows it to achieve high power efficiency with low noise and low EMI. It is also designed to have an input power factor of 0.45. This ensures that the power supply does not cause interference with other electrical equipment due to drawing an excessive amount of power from the input. 2L39-000033-12 power supply is also RoHS compliant and UL listed, ensuring its safety for use in a variety of applications. Additionally, this power supply offers a great variety of mounting options, ranging from wall-mounting to rack-mounting. This ensures it can be conveniently installed according to the application. In summary, DAIHEN 2L39-000033-12 power supply is a reliable and efficient device designed for a variety of applications. It features multiple safety features, along with high-frequency switching and a high power factor, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Its RoHS compliance and UL listing make it safe for use, while its multiple mounting options make it easy to install.
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