Used DAIHEN 2L39-000034-12 #9164633 for sale

DAIHEN 2L39-000034-12
ID: 9164633
Match boxes for TEL Vesta etcher.
DAIHEN 2L39-000034-12 is a power supply unit that features a total capacity of 2,390 watts and can run on uninterruptible AC current. This power supply is designed to support heavy duty industrial applications, providing reliable and consistent power over time. The power supply can operate at a constant voltage of up to 259 volts. It has a power factor of .84 and a efficiency of up to 94.3%. 2L39-000034-12 has a wide operating temperature range of -4 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features a built-in fan to ensure heat dissipation and long-term reliable operation. Additionally, this power supply includes a short circuit protection system to help prevent accidental power loss and surges. This power supply has a low noise level, which makes it ideal for use in controlled environments and/or for use with sensitive electronics. It also has an optimized weight to voltage ratio, as well as a reduced profile, making it easier to install in compact spaces. The unit features a durable aluminum casing and has an IP protection class of 54. DAIHEN 2L39-000034-12 power supply comes with a complete range of accessories, including removable key and ACS handles, loadbars, and clamps for maximum convenience and ease of installation. It has a wide range of electrical outlets and terminals for increased functionality and expandability, while its modular design allows for easy assembly and system upgrade. 2L39-000034-12 is a reliable power supply suitable for a wide array of applications. It provides stable and consistent power output with low noise levels and is an efficient source of electricity for power hungry applications. Additionally, its energy conservation and modular design make it a great choice for industrial and commercial use.
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