Used DAIHEN AGA-50B2 #9164925 for sale

ID: 9164925
RF Generators P/N: 3D80-000601-11 For SEMES Montblanc etcher.
DAIHEN AGA-50B2 is a high-performance, single-channel DC power supply unit manufactured by DAIHEN Corporation. The unit provides up to 50Amps of DC output with a maximum operating voltage of 40V. The unit offers several features that make it an efficient and reliable power source for a variety of applications. It features an ultra-wide input range, adjustable output voltage and current, over-voltage protection, and a very low on-state resistance (Rds). The unit features all-metal construction with a durable heat-resistant finish that can withstand temperatures up to 300°C (572°F). This ensures reliable operation and continuous power supply for critical applications. The unit also features an integrated cooling fan that helps control the temperature of the device and prevents overheating. The unit is RoHS compliant, meaning it does not contain hazardous chemicals that are known to be harmful to the environment, and it is also environmentally friendly due to its low power consumption. The unit comes with a digital display and control knob to make it easy to adjust and monitor the output voltage and current. Additionally, the unit comes with several safety protections that include over-current protection, temperature alarm, anti-reverse polarity protection, and current limiter. One of the most useful features of the unit is its pulse and phase control capability, which uses pulse-width modulation (PWM) to adjust the output voltage and current according to the desired current and voltage settings. This makes it easy to precisely control the output for a variety of applications. In addition to general purpose DC power supply applications, DAIHEN AGA 50B2 can also be used in industrial and scientific applications that require an accurate, regulated power source. The unit can be used to provide clean and reliable power for laboratory instruments, research test systems, and other circuitry. In industrial applications, the unit is used to provide power to industrial motors and drives, external lighting systems, and other industrial equipment. Overall, AGA-50 B 2 is an efficient, reliable, and robust power supply unit that is designed to provide a steady output with low noise and high accuracy. This makes it an ideal choice for any application that requires a reliable, clean, and accurate power supply.
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