Used DAIHEN CB-13B #9164631 for sale

ID: 9164631
Match box for TEL SCCM etcher.
DAIHEN CB-13B is a high-precision power supply for industrial applications such as electric welding and arc welding. It is an adjustable, single-phase DC power supply with a maximum output voltage of 13V and a maximum current of 6A. CB-13B offers both manual and automatic current adjustment features as well as a range of overload protection options for maximum safety. In addition, its low ripple and stability of output voltage and current make it ideal for precision applications such as controlling welding machines or driving motors. DAIHEN CB-13B is a highly efficient and reliable piece of equipment that is built to last and offers superior performance. It features a built-in Active Power Factor Correction (APFC) circuit, which helps reduce waste in energy consumption and allows for efficient operation. Additionally, its IGBT technology reduces stray voltage and consumes minimal power when it is not in use. CB-13B is also designed with a modular construction for easy maintenance and repair. It has a wide range of input and output ports for customizing and connecting according to your application needs. Its intelligent overload protection feature provides maximum safety against electrical overloads. Additionally, its power speed controls and detection system allow the user to monitor the system for any anomalies in the output. DAIHEN CB-13B is an efficient and reliable power supply for industrial applications that require precision and performance. Its range of features and intelligent overload protection function offer maximum safety for its users while its IGBT technology, APFC circuit and modular construction ensure its durability and superior performance.
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