Used DAIHEN HGA 30A #9164950 for sale

ID: 9164950
RF Generators P/N: 2L39-000031-13 For TEL Vesta etcher.
DAIHEN HGA 30A is a rectification, inversion, and DC voltage power supply for use in a variety of application scenarios. The power supply utilizes a unique DC output circuit design, allowing it to provide the output power required in many industrial applications while utilizing an advanced high-frequency pulse-width-modulation (PWM) technology for improved efficiency and less time lost in power-down cycles. The output voltage is adjustable from zero to the rated voltage while the output current is adjustable from zero to the rated current. This power supply provides overload protection and circuit breaker protection to guard against output short circuits, external overloads, and other factors that could potentially cause damage to components. This power supply also offers software programmable over-voltage and in-rush current protection. HGA 30A is equipped with multiple rectification systems with both isolated voltage-controlled rectifier (VCR) and non-isolated rectifier, as well as a AC/DC balanced dual voltage technology (BDVT) which eliminates low frequency effects. The output is actively managed by a special PWM module which efficiently isolates the output to protect against short-circuits. This fault- tolerant design greatly reduces device's downtime and associated maintenance costs. DAIHEN HGA 30A power supplies also feature an integrated display panel that provides information about the current status and the output voltage and current. The supply includes monitoring switches to ensure that the user can easily monitor the output current levels and detect any faults before they cause damage. Additionally, the power supply includes cooling fans for improved cooling and an RS-485 port for monitoring and control. HGA 30A power supply provides strong and reliable power for industrial and commercial users who require an adjustable output current and adjustable output voltage. This power supply is designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for power requirements in a variety of applications. With its reliable and compact design, DAIHEN HGA 30A is an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial applications.
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