Used DAIHEN NX FGA 30C #9164949 for sale

ID: 9164949
RF Generator P/N: 2L39-000047-13 For TEL Vigus etcher.
DAIHEN NX FGA 30C is a power supply designed to provide a reliable power source with robust control and monitoring capabilities. The unit is efficient and reliable, offering a range of different features that make it suitable for many different applications. It is a three-phase, auto-transformer unit with a maximum output power of 20kVA, which can be easily adjusted by varying the input voltage and current. NX FGA 30C offers a range of adjustable parameters, including frequency and output voltage range, and can be used for controlling the power supply of motor drives, test benches, and various other industrial machinery. It also features numerous safety mechanisms that protect the power supply from short-circuiting, over-current, and over-voltage. It also has adjustable parameters that can be configured through its integrated programming interface. In addition to providing adjustable voltage, current, and frequency control, DAIHEN NX FGA 30C also includes several advanced monitoring features. The unit has a built-in display that can be used to monitor real-time data such as current, power, and voltage. It also warns of any irregularities that could result in faults or the breakdown of the power supply. NX FGA 30C is constructed with a robust aluminium housing that is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It also has built-in ventilation fans to keep all components cool and regulated. It can easily be mounted to a wall or other surface and is designed to be rust, dust, and water-resistant. The unit is lightweight which makes it an ideal choice for portable applications as well as large scale industrial systems. DAIHEN NX FGA 30C is designed to offer superior efficiency, rugged operation, and reliable control and monitoring capabilities, making it one of the most effective and reliable power supplies available on the market today. It is also backed by a one-year warranty, making it an excellent choice for industrial and commercial applications.
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