Used DAIHEN RGA 50F #9164953 for sale

ID: 9164953
RF Generators P/N: 2L39-000032-13 For TEL Vesta etcher.
DAIHEN RGA 50F is a high-performance, reliable and compact DC power supply. It is an integrated power supply with a wide range of features available to meet all of your power requirements. The DC power supply is specifically designed to offer flexible output current and voltage options. It has an adjustable and selectable output voltage range from 0-50V and an adjustable and selectable output current range from 0-5A. This is done easily via the digital keypad that is conveniently located on the front panel. The power supply uses advanced technologies to ensure that the output is stable and consistent regardless of load fluctuations or temperature changes. The power supply also features over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, reverse-voltage protection, and has a three-minute delay before turning on. It also offers a variety of safety features such as thermal protection, LED's for power status indicators, and a high stability reference voltage to ensure accuracy. The power supply also includes a variety of accessories that make it ideal for more demanding applications. These include a separate set of output terminals, a spare 5A fuse, a power cord and a terminal block adapter that allows for connection to other power devices. RGA 50F DC power supply is efficient, reliable and utilizes high-temperature performance components to provide a quality power source. Its solid-state design ensures that it has a long service life and minimal maintenance requirements. The power supply is easy to install and is compatible with a wide range of applications such as medical, industrial, and instrumentation systems. With all that said, DAIHEN RGA 50F fits the needs of those looking for a reliable, efficient and high-performance DC power supply. Its features, range, and safety capabilities make it the perfect choice for any application.
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