Used DAIHEN WGA-50E #9164954 for sale

ID: 9164954
RF Generators P/N: 3D80-000602-11 For SEMES Montblanc, etcher.
DAIHEN WGA-50E is a high-performance power supply. This power supply is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications ranging from electric welding to laboratory and industry use. DAIHEN WGA-50 E is a three-phase, active power factor correction unit with a maximum output power of 50kVA and an efficiency rating of up to 97%. It features a high-end active bridge multilevel topology which enables a wide range of input voltages, frequencies, and powers. This enables the unit to operate with a low input harmonic distortion and a low total harmonic distortion (THD). WGA-50E also provides extremely precise control of the output power in order to maintain the highest levels of precision on all metals. The close matching of the current waveform to the voltage waveform guarantees maximum welding energy transfer, perfect penetration and meanizing of the weld puddle surface. The unit features advanced protection features such as a overvoltage and undervoltage protection, short circuit protection and overcurrent protections, as well as an alarm equipment to warn users of any potential problems. In addition, WGA-50 E has an advanced load-managing system to provide reliable operation even in the most challenging environments. The load managements unit includes an adjustable load balancer, dynamic harmonic detection, and adjustable set points. The load balancing helps provide a more consistent and efficient power delivery while the dynamic harmonic detection detects and adjusts the load automatically to ensure optimum performance and reliability. DAIHEN WGA-50E also includes a user-friendly interface, which enables easy access to all components for easy maintenance and servicing. The interface also allows for easy remote control via an ethernet or USB connection. Additionally, the unit comes with a range of optional features such as a sun powered energy conservation module and an advanced energy-saving mode. DAIHEN WGA-50 E thus provides a reliable and energy efficient power supply unit suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. Its comprehensive protection features, advanced load management machine and user-friendly interface ensures reliable and efficient operation for the most demanding applications.
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