Used ENI 000-1093-076 #9183375 for sale

ID: 9183375
Vintage: 2003
RF Generator 2003 vintage.
ENI 000-1093-076 is a highly reliable power supply designed for industrial applications. This rugged equipment is suitable for extreme environments and can cope with wide ranges of temperature and humidity fluctuations. It offers a wide voltage range of up to 400VAC and can provide a maximum output power of 3000W. The power supply is equipped with a regulated output voltage and a high power factor. 000-1093-076 is designed with over-temperature, overvoltage and overcurrent protection features to ensure the safety of the system. It also has an energy recovery unit which transfers energy from the voltage inputs to the output when the AC line voltage changes and supports phase-selective detection to isolate short circuit failure on the output. ENI 000-1093-076 offers an exceptional power efficiency rating of 97.0%. It is also equipped with built-in active power-factor correction for improved performance and higher machine efficiency. The power supply has a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C and an operating relative humidity range of 5% to 95%. Its reliable build is designed to withstand heavy vibrations and has been tested for seismic endurance of up to 4 Grms in frequency range 10-500 Hz. 000-1093-076 has a high efficiency thermal design which prevents unnecessary consumption of electricity and maintains a quiet noise level. The power supply unit is also RoHS compliant and certified with many international standards such as UL 60950-1, EN 61010-1, CE, CSA and more. Overall, ENI 000-1093-076 is an effective power supply tool that is designed to work reliably in industrial applications and extreme operating conditions. It offers improved power quality, robust design, high power efficiency and advanced protection features to ensure the safety of the asset.
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