Used ENI 0190-22201 #9169284 for sale

ENI 0190-22201
ID: 9169284
RF Generator for MKS / ENI 11002-00.
ENI 0190-22201 is a 240VAC to 24V/190W switched mode power supply (SMPS). It requires an input voltage ranging from 200 to 265VAC and provides an output voltage of 24VDC regulated to a maximum of 190W. The unit features a built-in active Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit that enables operation at a wide range of input voltages with an efficiency of up to 97%. The PFC circuit also ensures minimal power distortion. 0190-22201 is constructed using top-grade components and is certified to relevant industrial standards. The design utilizes a cutting-edge ripple reduction technology which helps to eliminate the high frequency noise associated with other power supplies. This makes it suitable for industrial control and other critical applications where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum. The unit also features low standby power consumption and a built-in alarm signal for overload and overtemperature conditions. ENI 0190-22201 is a fully enclosed power supply with an ergonomic plastic housing and dual cooling system, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of environmental conditions. The unit is IP20 rated, provides short circuit protection and is compatible with most industrial DIN-Rail mounting kits. Additionally, the unit is UL, CUL and CE approved and contains a built-in LED indicator, letting users know the power is on and functioning correctly. In conclusion, 0190-22201 is a reliable, easy to install and long-lasting power supply, designed to meet the needs of the industrial and commercial market. Its advanced features and low power consumption make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications and its IP rating and UL certification give users the assurance of a quality product.
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