Used ENI ACG 10-04 #9236334 for sale

ACG 10-04
ID: 9236334
RF Generator.
ENI ACG 10-04 is a high-quality power supply that provides advanced, reliable power solutions to operations from research laboratories to production factories. ACG 10-04 is up to 10kW of fully digital, isolated power at a low profile form factor of only 5U. ENI ACG 10-04 utilizes the latest innovations in power engineering to ensure ultimate reliability and safety by maintaining low noise operation at any power level. This noise suppression helps maximize the life of your sensitive electronic components and dramatically reduces the risk of harm to both personnel and equipment. ACG 10-04 is equipped with a variety of intelligent features that enable it to achieve superior performance. The unit includes full protection against short circuit, overload and overvoltage, as well as active current sharing capabilities across multiple power supplies. Moreover, ENI ACG 10-04 offers an advanced voltage setting that allows you to fine-tune reactions to critical loads. The unit also features a comprehensive set of communication options, including the USB 2.0, Ethernet, Modbus and analog controls. These communication protocols enable advanced digital monitoring, control, and logging of key operating parameters. Furthermore, ACG 10-04 comes with a smart controller built into the unit itself, allowing for advanced over/under voltage protection, programmable ramp-down, selectable lines of download protection, and more. ENI ACG 10-04 is a world-class power supply that provides tremendous value to any application. It is well suited for both academic and industry uses, offering high quality power, intelligence, robust protection, and advanced control options.
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