Used ENI ACG-10B-01 #9171073 for sale

ENI ACG-10B-01
ID: 9171073
RF Generator.
ENI ACG-10B-01 is a very reliable and efficient power supply, designed to meet the demands of both consumer and commercial applications. It features 10A of output current at a wide range input voltage from 110 to 230V AC. In addition, the power supply utilizes active PFC (power factor correction) technology which helps reduce total harmonic distortion and improve the efficiency of energy utilization. The advanced active PFC also means the power supply can operate over a wide range of temperatures with little influence on its performance, with a maximum average temperature range of up to 40-70°C. The power supply has a low noise operation and improved EMI (electromagnetic interference) levels from 20 mA/m. This is achieved through the integration of EMI filters, which reduce the unwanted emission of radio frequencies. ACG-10B-01 features over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protections, ensuring the power supply can safely operate in any environment. It also offers a wide range of outputs including 12V/10A, which has pin connections. The power supply is designed to be used in tight spaces, with a small design that is compatible with most IT equipment racks. In addition, the power supply comes with a robust aluminum chassis which helps dissipating heat and improve reliability. Overall, ENI ACG-10B-01 power supply is an excellent choice for any application which requires reliable power. It offers a wide range of features, is efficient and reliable, and is designed for easy installation and global usage. The power supply also offers short-circuit, over-voltage, and over-current protection, allowing the equipment to remain safe even during abnormal voltage conditions. Thus, ACG-10B-01 power supply is an ideal solution for both residential and commercial power requirements.
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