Used ENI ACG-10B #9182198 for sale

ID: 9182198
RF Generator.
ENI ACG-10B is a reliable, highly efficient, and cost-effective power supply designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. This model features a wide input range of 200-240 VAC, 50/60Hz and has an output range of 10VA/DC. It is also designed with a high level of protection to ensure that it meets the requirements of a variety of environments. ENI ACG 10B features an advanced power management system that provides an efficient and reliable power solution. It offers reliable and efficient operation of its supply by autotransforming to its optimal input voltage. This feature helps protect the device from power surges and brownouts. The auto-recovery feature also ensures that the device is always kept up and running. ACG-10B is designed with an adjustable output voltage of 0-10V DC, capable of providing an optimal power solution for a wide range of applications. This allows the device to be customized to meet different application requirements, including lighting applications, motion control systems, electronic components, power converters, and more. ACG 10B has a built-in EMI filter that reduces electromagnetic interference to attract an equally low risk of interference with other components in the environment. This design feature ensures that the device delivers trouble-free performance in any environment or application. ENI ACG-10B also has an overload protection feature which temporarily reduces the output power of the device if an overcurrent is detected. ENI ACG 10B is a reliable and cost-effective power solution designed for a variety of applications. It features an adjustable output, wide input range, EMI filter, overload protection, and other features designed to provide a safe and reliable solution. This power supply is capable of providing an optimal power solution for a wide range of applications and is ideal for commercial and industrial uses.
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