Used ENI ACG-6B-02 #9177215 for sale

ID: 9177215
RF Generator.
ENI ACG-6B-02 Power Supply is an advanced, state-of-the-art power source designed to deliver reliable and accurate DC power. This adjustable output power supply offers outstanding stability and performance in a rugged, lightweight package. ACG-6B-02 features an adjustable output range of 0-32V DC, current limiting of 6A, and a total power output of 192 watts. This power supply is ideal for both manual and automated circuit testing, and can be used in many industrial and research applications. This unit is designed to be both efficient and reliable. It is constructed of high-grade materials for maximum durability, and its advanced components provide precise control of output power. ENI ACG-6B-02 has a voltage-regulated design that prevents output voltage fluctuations, ensuring accurate results and high quality power. It also features protection against over-current, over-voltage, and short circuit. It comes with a comprehensive set of user-friendly features, making it easy to use in any application. The digital display and LED indicators allow you to easily monitor power supply status, and the integrated control knob lets you quickly adjust the output voltage and current settings. This power supply also has an input power selector switch that lets you choose between an AC or DC voltage source. An AC voltage range of 90-264V and a DC voltage range of 40-72V are both supported. This allows ACG-6B-02 to be used with any power source. ENI ACG-6B-02 is a solid power supply that offers great performance and reliability. Its adjustable output, rugged construction, and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. With its dependable power delivery, this unit can be relied on to provide precise and consistent DC power.
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