Used ENI DCG2S-A122000020 #9168846 for sale

ID: 9168846
Vintage: 1995
Plasma generator DC Sputter power supply 200-208 V 45 A 50 / 60 Hz 1995 vintage.
ENI DCG2S-A122000020 is an AC-DC switch-mode power supply designed for use in data processing, instrumentation, and automation applications. This power supply has a power rating of 96~264 Vac, making it suitable for use in areas of high humidity, dusty environments, and varying temperatures. Additionally, it features a wide input range withstands surges up to 5kV, high efficiency, and overload and short circuit protection for reliable operation. This power supply features a power factor correction, providing a high power factor and low harmonic distortion, and an active current sharing circuit that gives this power supply the ability to be paralleled up to eight units. This power supply also features over-voltage and over-temperature protection, providing high levels of reliability. DCG2S-A122000020 has a logic-controlled output, accepting an 0-5 Vdc, a 3-30 Vdc signal or Dry Contact Signal to select any output voltage from 0-100% of full-load output. It also includes a fan speed control circuit to provide cooling as needed. The power supply is 107mm (4.2 in) wide, 114mm (4.5 in) deep, and only 40mm (1.57 in) high. Its small size minimizes mounting space needed in confined industrial control systems. It has a UL Class II insulation system for added safety and is designed to meet EN 60950. ENI DCG2S-A122000020 is a great choice for those applications where a reliable, high-performance power supply is required. Robust surge protection and active current sharing make it an ideal solution for multi-unit paralleling applications, and its overload and over-temperature protection leave users less concerned about potential dangers. Overall, its high performance, excellent protection, low profile size, and wide input range make DCG2S-A122000020 an excellent choice for many data processing, instrumentation, and automation system designs.
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