Used ENI Eratron PPS 8200 #38049 for sale

Eratron PPS 8200
ID: 38049
Plasma Power Supply, as-is.
ENI Eratron PPS 8200 is a programmable power supply that is designed to provide clean, reliable, and robust power to industrial and laboratory applications. It is a 3-phase AC/DC power supply designed to deliver up to 8200VA of power, with an adjustable voltage of up to 450V. This makes it ideal for applications such as research and development, testing, and emergency power. Eratron PPS 8200 has a wide range of features that make it suitable for a variety of applications. The power supply offers a digital output interface with up to four programmable outputs and up to two static outputs for extra versatility and ease of use. The digital output interface also allows for the selection of various output parameters. ENI Eratron PPS 8200 is made from high quality components to ensure optimum reliability, and is capable of 360-degree free rotation for easy installation. It is protected from short circuiting and overloading, as well as any unexpected power surges. Eratron PPS 8200 is CE, RoHS, and UL approved, and is designed to comply with ESD and EMC standards. It is also designed with multiple safety features such as an overload protection, overvoltage protection, and temperature protection. The design of ENI Eratron PPS 8200 ensures that it can meet the needs of a variety of industries, providing clean and reliable power, while also offering numerous features that make it convenient and easy to use. Its programmable outputs and adjustable voltage make it ideal for applications that require a reliable power source with customised output options, while its multiple safety features make it a safe choice for any laboratory or industrial environment.
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