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ERFM 1431
ID: 9172996
RF Generators Includes: LAM 4520XLE Lower RF Match.
ENI ERFM 1431 is a high performance industrial power supply designed with three-phase input and single phase output. Its input voltage range is 0.85 - 1.1 times the nominal output voltage, and its output voltage can be adjusted (trimmed) up to ± 10%. ERFM 1431 features a power factor higher than 0.95 and a high efficiency of up to 96%, which saves energy costs and reduces the need for additional cooling. This industrial power supply also features full protections, such as an integrated OVP, OCP, and OTP protection circuits. ENI ERFM 1431 is designed to meet the North American Industrial Safety Standards UL 8750, CUL 8750, and CE marking. It is equipped with a LEDs for indication of power ON and current limit, as well as an active PFC controller for improved power factor and harmonic reduction. In addition, it boasts ± 1% maximum load regulation and 0.01% speed of regulation for excellent reliability and stability. Due to its wide operating temperature range of -25 °C to + 75 °C, this industrial power supply is suitable for use in extreme environments. It also features a built-in output short-circuit protection and over-voltage protection to keep the device secure from current spikes. ERFM 1431 industrial power supply is also equipped with a zero-cross error test, which confirms proper operation and ensures dependable performance. It features high-grade components with superior insulation and noise-free operation, and its design is considered compliant to UL Hazardous Location Classification. In summation, ENI ERFM 1431 is a three-phase input and single phase output industrial power supply with wide input voltage range, adjustable output voltage up to ± 10%, high efficiency of 96%, and multiple safety features. This reliable and durable power supply is suitable for use in extreme environments and is compliant with UL 8750, CUL 8750, and CE marking.
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