Used ENI GHW-12Z #9171067 for sale

ID: 9171067
RF Generators P/N: GHW12Z-13DF2N0-001.
ENI GHW-12Z power supply is a high-efficiency, wide-range, single-output, 12V DC model suitable for powering AC/DC electronic applications. It is a low-noise, regulated linear and switching power supply unit that absorbs AC mains input and provides a regulated DC output for use in a variety of applications, such as industrial, process control, medical, audio video, telecommunications and computer systems. ENI GHW 12Z has a wide AC input voltage range of 90 to 265Vac and features high efficiency with superior static load stability and low output ripple and noise. This power supply has overload and short circuit protection with auto-recovery and a constant voltage/constant current operation mode. The output is adjustable from 4.5 to 12Vdc with a rated output power of up to 130W. This model is lightweight and compact, allowing for either 1U or mounted rack installation. The power supply is made of high-durability components to ensure long-term safe operation. The operating temperature range of GHW 12 Z is -20 ~ 70 degrees Celsius, and it is CE, UL-R and PSE-R certified. Due to its ease of installation, high efficiency, wide-range AC input voltage, and reliable performance, GHW 12Z is an ideal option for powering a variety of applications in the industry. It is an excellent choice for power adapters, LED lighting, battery charging systems, and more.
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