Used ENI GHW-25 #9183391 for sale

ID: 9183391
RF Generator P/N: GEW2427MA-B1C00-L4.
ENI GHW-25 is a power-supply device specifically designed to supply safe and reliable DC power for a variety of medical, scientific and industrial applications. The device is powered by pure sinusoidal waveform, and it supplies up to 25 Amps of output current at a voltage of 0-25V. GHW-25 power-supply features a two range selection switch, allowing the user to increase or decrease the voltage output range. The device is cooled using a forced-air system using a cooling fan and comes with an over-temperature protection feature to safeguard against the output becoming too hot. The device operates through a linear design to ensure a stable operation and accurate output. This makes it suitable for applications where high precision is required, such as in research laboratories and medical laboratories. ENI GHW-25 has highly reliable and robust circuit protection which resists over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit conditions and ensures users safety. The power-supply also has a low crosstalk feature, which reduces the amount of unintended coupling from one output to another, and isolates each output from each other. GHW-25 also has adjustable voltage and current limit settings, enabling the user to regulate and adjust voltage output. It also comes with a digital display which can be used to easily measure and adjust the device output settings for various power requirements. Furthermore, the device comes with over-voltage and reverse polarity protection, which offer additional safety against damage to the device due to over-voltage or reverse-polarity. The power-supply is also highly efficient, with an Efficiency Rating of up to 85%. ENI GHW-25 is a versatile and reliable device, allowing users to easily supply DC power to their applications while still maintaining high precision and stability. Furthermore, its robust circuit protection and adjustable voltages and current limits ensure user safety and convenience. The device is a great choice for research, medical and industrial applications, providing a reliable and efficient power solution.
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