Used ENI GHW-55A #9171066 for sale

ID: 9171066
RF Generators Qty Part numbers: (2) GHW55A-13DF3L0-002 (1) S-01-200.
ENI GHW-55A power supply is an industrial grade, multi-output power supply that provides clean and reliable power to multiple devices. This versatile power supply measures 5.25" W x 9"H x 13.5"D and weighs 17.2 lbs. It offers five primary outputs with input of 90-264 VAC and 4 secondary outputs with input voltage of 5-15 VDC. The main output is rated at +5 VDC @ 18 A with total output power of 90 W; the second and third outputs are rated at 12 VDC @ 9 A for a total of 108 W. The fourth and fifth outputs are rated at +15 Volts @ 3 A and -15 Volts @ 3 A, respectively, for a total of 90 W. The dual secondary outputs consist of outputs rated +5 VDC @ 2 A and -5 VDC @ 2 A with total output power of 10 W.The output voltage is regulated to ± 0.5% (max) of the nominal voltage. ENI GHW 55A power supply features a built-in over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and over-load protection feature. It is designed with a MOSFET based, forward converter with high power factor and low harmonic distortion for superior performance. GHW-55A has a large cooling fan for reliable operation in tough environments with excellent thermal management. It comes with a LED power indicator and supports remote output voltage sense shift. GHW 55A power supply is designed for monitoring sensitive electronic systems with multiple outputs. Its high efficiency, wide input range, and multiple output configurations meet the needs of a wide variety of applications including medical and industrial electronics, test and measurement systems, and instrumentation. It is also suitable for telecommunications, computers, audio systems, and more. ENI GHW-55A power supply is UL, CSA, and CE listed, and is backed by a two-year warranty. The power supply is reliable and reliable, making it an ideal choice for multiple output power supply needs.
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