Used ENI GHW-55A #9177370 for sale

ID: 9177370
RF Generators P/N: GHW55A-13DF3L0-001.
ENI GHW-55A power supply is a reliable, high-performance source of electrical power. Featuring a power output of 55A (at a voltage of 18) and a heavy-duty design, ENI GHW 55A is a great choice for powering communications, audio, video, and most other electrical systems. Beginning with the power inlet, GHW-55A is fitted with a durable and reliable 3-prong NEMA 5-15P plug with a 1.5 m power cord. The inlet features a three-pole circuit breaker on the front panel for over-current protection, reset switch, and status LED indicator. GHW 55A also incorporates an internal mains breaker, which ensures further protection of the unit and connected loads. ENI GHW-55A possesses outstanding power regulation, making it ideal for sensitive electronics. Rated for continuous operation, this power supply has an input frequency range of 45 to 500 Hz, and an output voltage range of 8 - 18V and an adjustable current output of 0-55A. This low ripple, high-frequency switching power supply is designed to ensure clean, reliable power without any line noise. Furthermore, ENI GHW 55A features an analog metering and display system. This system provides voltage, amperage, wattage, current, and peak wattage readings on the front display. This allows users to easily identify any abnormal fluctuations or occurrences in power usage. GHW-55A is constructed using solid mechanical and corrosion-resistant components, creating an ultra-tough and reliable power supply. The generous ventilation on the front and rear allows for efficient cooling, enabling GHW 55A to operate in harsh environments. ENI GHW-55A power supply represents a well-designed solution for powering a wide array of electrical systems. With its outstanding power regulation and reliable build, this robust power supply is sure to power the lengthiest and most demanding projects.
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