Used ENI LPG-1AT #9182204 for sale

ID: 9182204
RF Generator.
ENI LPG-1AT power supply is a reliable, high-performance instrument designed to provide a reliable, high-accuracy source of power for a variety of laboratory applications. LPG-1AT has a rugged metal case with a die-cast aluminum base for superior protection and thermal performance. Inside the unit, ENI LPG-1AT features a toroidal transformer with high cut-off frequencies to provide improved efficiency. This power supply also features an integrated low-noise cooling fan, and adjustable overvoltage and overcurrent protection, to prevent damage from unexpected surges and overloads. LPG-1AT has a wide output range, capable of delivering up to 1000 Watts of power. The unit has adjustable outputs from 0 to 20V at 0 to 50A, with an output voltage accuracy of 0.05%. Additionally, the output voltage is programmable in 0.1V increments from 0 to 20V. ENI LPG-1AT also features adjustable over-voltage and over-current protection, as well as constant voltage and current protection. LPG-1AT offers excellent thermal performance, with a die-cast aluminum base designed to dissipate heat quickly. The unit also features a low-noise cooling fan to help keep the unit cool during operation. Additionally, the power supply features two independent temperature-limiting functions, allowing ENI LPG-1AT to operate continuously at a well-regulated temperature. LPG-1AT is designed to provide a reliable and accurate power source for a variety of laboratory applications. The unit has high-accuracy output voltage and current settings, as well as adjustable over-voltage and over-current protection. ENI LPG-1AT also features excellent thermal performance and a low-noise cooling fan. With its wide range of outputs and user-friendly programming, LPG-1AT is an ideal power supply for lab applications.
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