Used ENI LPG-24 #9168941 for sale

ID: 9168941
Broadband power generator.
ENI LPG-24 is a regulated power supply that provides 24Vdc at up to 8Amps of continuous current. It is equipped with various features such as LED indication of operating status, adjustable current limit adjustment, and an overload protection circuit. This power supply can be used in a variety of applications including industrial automation, ad-hoc electronic equipment, and telecommunications products. LPG-24 utilizes an AC to DC switching power supply design. This design allows for greater efficiency when converting power from the AC mains to a DC output. In addition, it allows for higher output power when compared to linear power supplies. ENI LPG-24 is designed with over-voltage and short circuit protection circuits, making it suitable for applications that require reliable power supply protection. The two- and three-wire control circuitry on LPG-24 allows it to be used in a variety of applications with different operating parameters. The current limit adjustment allows the user to set current limits to protect the power supply and the equipment it is powering. Meanwhile, the LED status indicator provides a visual indication when an operating parameter is exceeded and when the power supply is in current limit. ENI LPG-24 is housed in a robust metal case. This metal enclosure is designed to dissipate heat, allowing it to maintain its reliability. In addition, its dimensions (334mm x 270 mm x 132mm) allow it to be easily integrated into tight applications. To allow for easy installation and integration into existing systems, LPG-24 is compatible with standard mounting brackets and cables. The cables that come with the power supply can be used to physically connect the power supply to the equipment it is powering. In addition, it has four open points on the back side which can be used to connect an additional remote control, making it suitable for applications with remote control requirements. This feature also allows for the remote monitoring and control of the power supply. ENI LPG-24 has been designed with safety and reliability in mind. The safety features on the power supply meet and exceed EN 60950/IEC 60950 standards. The power supply is designed to ensure that it will not pose any hazards to equipment operators and the environment. In conclusion, LPG-24 is a reliable and efficient power supply suitable for a variety of applications. Its features and safety designs make it an excellent choice for both industrial automation and telecommunications applications.
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